Monday, August 13, 2012

A Spanking New Theory of Spanking

I have spent a lot of time online looking for a blog post which will answer the question, "Why do I want to be spanked?" I have found posts where others try to explain what they enjoy about spanking. None seemed to fit me. So, not having found a suitable answer, I've decided to think carefully about this and see if I can come up with my own answer.

First, I decided that if I like spanking,I must like the feeling of being spanked.Well as one of my professors used to say, that's crazytalk!  How could I like the feeling of pain as a paddle strikes my rear end? I definitely don't like that. The only satisfaction that comes as I am actually being spanked is from the accomplishment of remaining in place. More on that later.

Well, if I don't like the actual feeling of being spanked, I must like some other feelings associated with the spanking. So let's see, is it the anticipation of a spanking that I enjoy?

Actually, I think I do like that part. If I know I am getting a spanking after my bath, I get a little nervous and my heart beats a little faster. I am genuinely a little worried as to what I will be experiencing in the near future. It's sort of like those click, click, click moments as a rollercoaster approaches its peak. Just riding a car to the top of a track is in itself not a very scary experience, yet the adrenaline is flowing and my senses are a bit heightened. I can definitely say I like this part of a spanking!

Continuing the rollercoaster ride, the spanking itself is like careening down the tracks in a terrifying free-fall. You scream, you grab on to the bar for "safety", and your mind is overwhelmed with sensations from your eyes, ears, and stomach! If you could think logically, you would realize that the amusement park is not going to design a ride to kill you, but your brain reacts as though its survival is threatened. Your palms may sweat as your body's sympathetic nervous system runs in high gear. Although technically a spanking is not really dangerous to you in the long term, your body still interprets pain as a threat to its survival. So the spanks are interpreted as a form of danger to your nervous system. The spanks hurt, and you struggle to follow instructions and stay in position. You want to cry and you clutch a blanket or pillow. You screw your eyes shut, a typical reaction to unpleasant stimuli. Perhaps closing your eyes is a way to try to limit incoming stimulation. I don't think that I really like this part.

The time after the spanking is similar to the end of the ride as the coaster glides to a stop and the riders unload.  I think everyone agrees that these moments after a spanking are the best part. I know that I have a wonderful sense of well-being at this point. And I transfer wonderful feeling to my partner. I love that he has taken me to this place. I appreciate him in so many ways. I lie beside him with my head on his shoulder, and he seems so wonderful, so strong, so attractive.

I have survived. It hurt. But I am ok now.

Actually - to the bigger question - I think this is why women enjoy spanking. There is that thrill that you have survived something dangerous, which psychologists explain as Opponent-Process Theory. Here's a good explanation at Opponent-Process Theory. (Opponent-Process is a strange term, but think of it as "opposite process" theory.)

I have never been able to tolerate thrill-seeking activities such as rollercoaster rides, but I like exciting things like new ideas, so maybe a spanking is a way for me to stimulate my sympathetic nervous system with some excitement.

One final question - can I have this thrill, bonding, and sense of well-being every day? Right now I want it every day. But like many treats and thrills, perhaps it is better to keep them special by not having them so often. I suppose I would be satisfied with once or twice a week. But what other treat is so good for me and has absolutely NO fat and no calories?? I think this is better than ice cream!!  :-)


  1. Fascinating soliloquy from a psychological point of view!

    1. Glad you liked it! My study of psychology means that I perceive many things through the lens of perception and sensation.